Pay Here

The "PAY HERE" link above will direct you to my PayPal account, "StacyBroussard.Org", where you can make your online payments. My "SB" logo should appear.

Things to know:

1) Leave a note including:

- your name,

- email address,

- phone number,

- what your payment is for, and

- how much!!!

Ex. - Jane Doe, [email protected], 337-824-1234, Payment

for 50 mini pralines $25 (or $50 gift certificate)

Once I see that your payment is made, I will send you

an email confirmation.

(** If you purchased a gift certificate through here, I

will email you your certificate with your receipt number

and/or certificate number**)

If you have not received an email confirmation within

24 hours, please call or email me. 

Thank you for supporting my endeavors!

Stacy Viney-Broussard

(337) 275 - 0586